Private Art Classes

As a teacher I have always believed that given the opportunity and the tools, we can all enjoy making art – and for some it can be the opening of a door to opportunities for the future.
Have you always wanted to learn to draw or paint, but didn’t?

  • Are you an absolute beginner needing somewhere to start?
  • A practicing artist who did not have formal training in the foundation skills?
  • Or a member of an art or painting group wanting to extend your skills?
  • You could be a foreign student who would like to learn about art with an English speaking teacher.

Art Lessons

  • Classes can be structured to suit the requirements and experience of an individual or a group. Any number of classes can be taken, from 1 to your level of satisfaction.
  • The cost of the classes is structured so that the greater the number of students, the lower the cost per student
  • Each class is a 2 to 21/2  hour session – the cost per class is $60 for one student and $30 for each additional student. (eg. $90 total for 2 students, $120 for 3 etc)
  • 2 classes can be taken in one day if requested, but it is not recommended, as practice is essential after each class
  • The full course package is 8 classes, with at least one per week recommended.
  • The full course is $480 for one student plus $240 for every additional student. (i.e. Cost for 2 students is $720 – this is $360 each for the full 8 part course)
  • The full course structure is 4 lessons of drawing and 4 lessons of working with color and paint.

The foundation of almost all art is the ability to see and to draw.
What is available?

  • From 1 to 4 classes of approximately 2 hour duration.
  • Classes are tailored to suit your skill level and interests.
  • Sketchbook and pencils are available for purchase.

Color Theory
This is the beginning of working with color, no matter what medium you choose
What is available?

  • From 1 to 4 classes of approximately 2 hour duration.
  • Classes will be designed to suit your skill level and particular interests.
  • Brushes will be available for sale on request.
  • Sketchbooks will be available for purchase.
  • Paint will be available for use at an appropriate cost.

Extension classes
What is available?
What is your interest?
Field trips