About Me

Updated 22/07/2013

From my earliest memories until today I have enjoyed drawing and using color. I sat in the street as a child drawing the houses of my neighbors. I copied characters from comic books and colored them in. I entered competitions. My determination to follow my most loved activity led me to the South Australian School of Art and Western Teachers College. I graduated as a secondary school art teacher (and practicing artist) and was employed by the Department of Education and private school sector for many years.

Also, during these years, I traveled widely, married and had a family, worked in other fields, but always worked on my art and taught what I know to others. I am still doing that.

This life long interest in art has led me along many paths, from teaching to botanical drawing specialization, to book illustration, mural design and painting, print making (including silk screening), textile work, jewellery making, plaster casting, ceramics and sculpture.

Now that I am back in Australia after living and working in the Philippines for 14 years I am rubbing my hands in anticipation of what will come next – an exhibition of my most recent painting, community art classes and private art lessons – and a new life in Adelaide, my home town.

Personal profile, in brief

  • Child – always drawing and winning competitions. I grew up in Australia.
  • Young adult – attended Teachers College and the South Australian School of Art to qualify as a specialist secondary art teacher.
  • Adult – traveled widely throughout South East Asia, particularly Bali, Sumatra and India. I also traveled through Europe to the U.K., my birthplace. I read daily across a wide range of topics and do like an exotic setting.
  • Always – worked on my own art across a wide range of techniques and mediums – watercolor, acrylic, gouache and oil painting, sculpture and ceramics, silk screening, mural design and painting, printmaking, jewellery making, book illustration and fabric work.
  • I have always loved drawing, especially botanical subjects, so that is a big part of what I do.