Community Art Classes for Adults

As an art teacher in Sagada, Philippines, it became apparent, quite dramatically, that children and adults in this country have had little or no experience of art as a subject at school, nor have they been encouraged to entertain it as an important part of life. When asked, “Who has painted before?” the group before me, be they adult or child, came up with one or two hands, or no hands at all.

As a response to the need and growing interest in art at the time I designed a 10 part ‘Introduction to Art’ program for adults (16 years and over) which ran each week at the same time. The cost was appropriate in terms of local income. The program attracted farmers, teachers, artists, business people and professionals. Some of the work they produced was astonishing.

Now that I am back in Adelaide I want to offer the same course to adults in the community here. For those who have had little or no exposure to art, but would like to start doing and exploring something creative, it would be a great starting point. For an already practicing artist it could be an opportunity to go back to the basic skills and revisit color theory.

I have modified the number of lessons in the program to 8.

“An Introduction to Art’ is planned for the Clarence Park Community Center. It will commence on Wednesday 21st August, 2013, 9.30 – 11.30. Contact Clarence Park to book your space, as numbers are limited. (08)8293 8166.



This program is designed to open up the visual world for the participants and through that nurture a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world and its colors and forms. As an art teacher I have always believed that given the opportunity and the tools, we can all enjoy making and learning about art. For some, it can be the opening of a door of opportunity for the future.

Learning to see, the development of drawing skills and the understanding of color forms the foundation of the program.

Only through the doing of art can progress be made, so the program is intensive. It follows a sequential development, building each week on what has gone before, so it is essential that participants attend all 8 lessons to gain full value.

Essential materials, such as pencils, erasers, sketchbook, brushes etc will be provided and included in the cost, which also covers the use of paint and other consumables during the classes. Participants would need to buy their own paint should they wish to work at home.


Students will learn, understand and use an extensive art vocabulary.


  • Drawing what you see
  • The possibilities of line
  • Three ways to create the illusion of depth
  • The value of contrast
  • Symmetry and the decorative arts


  • Color theory
  • Identifying and mixing color
  • Color schemes and the psychology of color
  • Exploring a variety of paint applications
  • Creating the focal point
  • Picture composition



Clarence Park Community Center – ‘An Introduction to Art’ – commencing August 21st, 2013.

Call the center for information and booking.