The Artist

My name is Janet Eason and I have recently returned to Adelaide after living and working in the Philippines for 14 years. Most of this time was spent in Sagada, a beautiful town situated in the mountain tops of the great Cordillera, 400 km north of Manila. It was my home for 11 years. It is a small place, nestled in a beautiful mountainous landscape, lush with pine and mossy forest, cultivated in terraces of rice and vegetables. The beauty, freshness and silence of the place inspired me as an artist and satisfied me as a lover of nature. The culture of the indigenous Igorots is strong and unique. Very good English is widely spoken. My time in paradise was divided between working on my own art, and because of my background as an Art educator, the teaching of Art to others. My students of all ages, with no background at all in art, produced consistently exciting and wonderful work.

This website contains a gallery of my work and that of my Filipino students. It also contains information about private art lessons now available in Adelaide and my 8 part ‘Introduction to Art’ program to be held at the Clarence Park Community Center. This will start on Wednesday 21st August, 2013, so please contact Clarence Park to book your space. Phone: 8293 8166.

You can also find stories about my life and work at St Mary’s School of Sagada, where I taught Art for 8 years.